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Top 10 most famous places to visit in Senegal

Exotic and hot African culture, sophisticated savannah, pleasant tropical climate and the Atlantic Ocean hitting the west coast. All this you will find in the Republic of Senegal. Upon arrival, you will meet the most beautiful women in Africa, decorated with colorful dresses and plenty of shiny accessories. When you visit this country, it says that it is a very poor country, but people are very hospitable and happy here.

Senegal enchants you by the colorful cultural and musical way of indigenous life. Holidays in Senegal are not only relaxing in the cozy towns and harbor towns, but also in tiny islets, coastal whales or cozy local villages. Start your trip from Senegal’s capital Dakar. This was the birthplace of the famous Dakar Rally, since in the past (1979-2008) there was a rally race in the African desert. The Great Dakra Mosque is an impressive Islamic monument in Senegal. In the Ouakama, in the suburbs of Dakar, high on the hill is another symbol of the country – the African Renaissance monument, symbolizing independence from France.

From there opens an enchanting view of the wide Atlantic Ocean. Gore, just a kilometer away from the island of Dakar Harbor, will acknowledge you with one of Africa’s most optimistic periods of the slave trade. Gore is best known for Slavery Homes, which were used to keep slaves before transit.


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