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Top 10 most famous places to visit in New Zealand

New Zealand officially was recognized as the most beautiful country in the world at 2006. Its nature is like our planet in the miniature, and the origin and variety of landscapes make it possible to feel the geological time’s running.

Nowhere else in such a land plot you can simultaneously see what New Zealand offers: the snoozing volcanoes that are touching the sky, hot springs and gorgeous fjords, silver-colored waterfalls,  eye-catching turquoise color lakes, beautiful rivers and unique vegetation and wildlife, lush forests and cozy valleys, white sandy beaches and island labyrinths, interesting cities, little but so charming villages with smiling friendly inhabitants. This is New Zealand, whose beauty is perfectly reflected in the movie “The Lord of the Rings” by P. Jackson.

The first European landed in this country was Dutchman Abel Tasman, and the country was named Nieuw Zeeland after the Zeeland province in Netherlands. As soon as you think about New Zealand, the magnificent volcanoes, thunderous geysers, sheeps in the fields, the Maori are coming to your head. One of the most distant countries can boast of phenomenal natural monuments.


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