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Thursday's Reflections – The Waikato at Mercer

We are at the time of the year in New Zealand where we have the shortest days.

I wanted to visit my sister on the Monday and drove us all down to Te kauwhata and took her out for a coffee and a chat.

On the way back I decided to take some photos of the beautiful Waikato River. We stopped at Mercer.  It was only about 4 O’Clock and the sun was beginning to go down. The lighting was fantastic one way, and the other way it was only ordinary sunlight but with longer shadows.

It pays to take photos and time to appreciate the journey while you can see the views…Every season of the year has it’s highlights and beauty can appear in many ways.

Almost Evening – The Waikato River at Mercer

The sun turns into gold and reflects on the surface of the Waikato river

Abstract cloud Reflected on Mercer’s Waikato River

The clouds reflection into the waters of the Waikato river

Reflections and Silhouettes of the waters by Mercer

Definite shapes 

A Darker intense reflection

A blue part of the winter sky begins to appear on the lower right. Can you see it?

By the way! I wouldn't recomend swimming in the Waikato river at all, it is a very dangerous but deceptive place. Many have drowned and died in this river.

However it is safe to go out in a boat or canoe if you are well prepared, and even then don't be alone.

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  1. Thanks for all the support. I was in Hamilton a a couple of years back and loved what I saw there. I would come and check all your work tomorrow. I Think I have yet to read and watch some of your work. Thanks again.

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