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This Beach Is Breathtaking And Scary At The Same Time!

St. Maarteen is an island country in the Caribbean. It is well known for the long sandy beaches and clear blue waters. It definitely looks like heaven. This amazing place attracts many tourists. It offers more than 50 different locations for diving. The whole island offers a total of 36 beaches. Grand Case and Philipsburg are famous for the tourists.

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There is one very special beach. It is not known only for the clear blue waters. Maho beach is a wonderful and calm beach, just like the other ones on this island. Except for one thing. The tranquility is often interrupted by the approaching planes. The runway is located next to this beach. Imagine you are relaxing on the beach when a jumbo jet passes by. This may seem scary to some of you, but it is a real attraction and this place became famous for that. Now tourists come specially for enjoying this not so common experience. It is a famous spot for taking photos and not really a typical beach where you would lie down and chill.


The Princess Juliana airport made this island so popular. This location is very popular to plane spotters, due to very low altitude flyover. It offers so close view of the airplanes that are passing by. This activity has become so popular that all the nearby restaurants have the departure and arrival schedules written on boards. All the visitors have the unique experience of a close encounter with an aircraft. Maho beach is a great place if you want to enjoy the view. Relaxing on the beach and waiting for that Boeing 737 to take off is something that you will rarely encounter.

This footage shows the whole experience of Maho beach. People are excited to see the jet flying so low. But authorities keep reminding that standing too close to the runway can cause injuries and even death. The jet blast can be dangerous and can blow off cars that are parked too near.


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