Thinking of going to Isla Mujeres? … Chcatecate this, it suits you

We are going to list 5 reasons why you will love your visit to Isla Mujeres. Do not believe us, just read the list and then tell us if we are right.It is well known that the islands of the Mexican Caribbean are a pimp; each with that own air, as if it were the personality. Because green places or turquoise waters are not enough; it’s about everything: people, food, accent, culture. Today we invite you to know this small Island that has so much to give you, we promise you that there are many reasons that will make you love it and we hope that these 5 reasons make you book a Hotel in Isla Mujeres right now, grab your suitcase and come right now

Where is Isla Mujeres?

In the Caribbean Sea, very close to the Yucatan Peninsula. It is one of the municipalities of the beautiful state of Quintana Roo, 13 km from the internationally famous city of Cancun and has the most beautiful beaches in all of Mexico and the second best in the World: Playa Norte

And how to get to Isla Mujeres?

There are two soups here: the ferry if you go without a car or the ferry if you go with a car. From Cancun, you can take the Ferry from Puerto Juarez; the road lasts about 15 minutes in which, if you are lucky, you will be delighted with the music of some urban troubadour, if not, you will still be glad to know that the Ferry is quite comfortable so do not worry.To get by with your car you must reach Punta Sam, where you will take the ferry. The trip will take about 45 minutes. For information on schedules and costs, click here for the Ferry and click here for the ferry.

Some reasons to love and come to Isla MujeresBecause your visit to MUSA is going to be something you will not forget

The MUSA is the Underwater Museum of Art, and as you can see in the name, to get there you have to dive into the crystalline waters that surround the small Island. These are human sculptures planted at the bottom of the sea (part of a reef structure ), made with special materials to promote the life of corals.To appreciate it you can snorkel or dive. We recommend the second option so you can see the structures up close.

Because you can see the sunrise and sunset on the beach

The sunrises in the Caribbean are one of the most beautiful you will see in your life. But the sunset in Isla Mujeres will fill you with a special energy. Put your horn, take out the chelas if you want, dance in the sand or just sit and watch, there is no way to have a bad time in front of this show.

Because in its streets you will take one of the best bike rides of your life

The air crashes into your face in the golden hour, you leave funny murals and the small and picturesque houses of Isla Mujeres, and suddenly, you come across that lonely little street that runs beside the sea, a real adventure

Because there is no one who gets bored in Garrafón Park

The Garrafón Natural Reef Park has the ability to entertain every member of the family.It is known for its quiet beaches and very cool reefs. You can snorkel or go kayaking with the company of thousands of beautiful little fish or swim in the pool. Although if your thing is adrenaline, you can also pull the zip line.

Because you will be the first person in all of Mexico to receive the sun’s rays in the morning

Punta Sur is a beautiful sculptural park made on a cliff surrounded by the Caribbean waters. And also, it is the most eastern place in Mexico. That means that it is the first place in the whole country where the sun’s rays arrive every morning.These are only 5 reasons to come here, because there really are many more so better grab your suitcase at once and come to Isla Mujeres and live the adventure of the Caribbean Mexico

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