Things to Do in Your Quarantine at Home

The aftermath of corona virus is too scary Thousands of people affected by this virus, and it has become a bigger challenge to the world to tackle this pandemic. The tourism industry has also received damages as the worldly nations has banned traveling amid the spread of such a worse disease. I was planning my holidays in Morocco but as per the reports, Morocco is also an affected of this virus and Tourism in Morocco is almost dead after that.

National Institute of Health and WHO is warning people to be at homes, don’t travel, keep themselves clean and safe to avoid this deadly virus. The bigger challenge is now to find activities at home. How can a person spend his 24 hours period at his/her room doing nothing? And this is not only for 24 hours. Including the UK, most of the countries in the world are locked down and the people living there remain at homes. This blog is to help you out engaging yourself with the activities at home.

Things to do in Your Quarantine amid Corona virus:

Here are some great ideas to do things at home. Just think that this is not only you, but almost the world also is closed and 99 percent of people are like you, sitting at homes like idles. So get chills and enjoy your period at home.

Watch Netflix Movies/ Series:

One of the very famous activity nowadays is to watch the movies mostly on Netflix. Even I watched almost five movies as yet with my family and those were of quality. I mostly like a tragedy. One of my favorite movies is “The Pianist”, and it is not on Netflix. I found it from some other mean and we watched the movie on our LED at home.

Movies Suggestions:

There are a lot of great Hollywood movies you in your bucket list already. My suggestions are few and those are the most favorite movies of mine. With tragedy, I like action and complex movies too. What is your favourit genre? Write me back with your suggestions. Well, you can watch the Dark Knight, all the two parts, very amazing. Why do I like the movie? Just because of the antagonist, Joker. You will also like the complicated personality like a joker.

The other “Mad Max Fury Road” is also one of the very amazing movies to watch. The one I recently watched was “Contagion” it was made in 2011 and is about the virus spread. I was amazed and curious about the facts and conspiracy theories because the things happening now in 2020, are exactly postured in 2011 in that movie. It is not on Netflix, not even on Youtube, you will find it on other websites. Well, are they enough? We should move to the other suggestions.

Make a Call to your Friend:

It is a very interesting aspect of Zoom software on the internet that you can talk to more than one person. I could see the online classes were on the zoom. So why can’t you make a conference video call with your friends sitting on your Sofa and sipping a tea or coffee along? Believe me, it is just like you all are sitting at one place and enjoy gossiping.

The family call is also an idea you can go with. If your mum or dad is away and you want to talk with them along with the other family members who are away too, you can make a call and have great fun.

Read a Book:

It is one of the very interesting aspects of your 24 hours period of life. I’m a journalist and it is my hobby to read interesting political and fictional books. I’m reading a book a bought from a book shop, and that is about a political leader Lenin. I also like to mention here that the choices in reading matter greatly. You must have your choice to read, suggestions only work as a boost to read but you will have to read the books of your choice.

Newspaper reading can take you away from only the discussion about Coronavirus. A newspaper can entertain you with other interesting reads too. So take an option to read the newspaper online or in hard.

Cook at Home:

It is one of the famous activities at home. Doctors and medical experts are suggesting to eat vegetables. You may have many vegetable recipes to cook with. It is great fun to cook at home. I was the only cook at home but now I engage my kids with me while cooking. James, my younger kid cooked two dishes last night and aims to learn more from youtube.

My husband takes the responsibility of cleaning the home with me, we do dusting and other home activities together to keep ourselves busy. By not engaging yourself with some activities, the only option left is to be bored all day, would you opt for beinf bored at home or make yourself busy?


What do you think?


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