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The Nihotapu Dam in the Waitakere Ranges – Part 1

There is a road that goes from Titirangi all the way to Whatipu which is the beach on the North side of the Manukau Heads. On the way you see the Upper Nihotapu Dam

Nihotapu is pronounced Nee – hoe – Tap – u (like in poo) It is the Maori name.

Here is the enviromental visuals from this dam.

To get to Nihotapu Dam and there it is at the bottom of a very steep long hill after passing the Langholm turn off. 

A Magpie flies by

Yes, there is such a thing as bird life here. A magpie passes by.

The lookout from the Nihotapu look out .

A spill way is near by

Close up of the Nihotapu Spill way

It had been raining a lot this day.

View of the Upper Nihotapu Dam from Arataki visitor centre

This is a long way from Arataki visitor centre taken with my Canon 7D EOS camera

Caspian Terns near the spill way

Taken on another day of the main photo

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