The Local Train driver saw the bridges fall, the train stopped just 50 meters away

Double Decker bus of BEST(Mumbai Transport) was also a victim of the accident. The driver chose another way to avoid the jam, but he did not know the height of the overhead railing. Tuesday morning, a part of the bridge suddenly fell on the railway track near the Andheri West Station between heavy rains. The driver of the fast moving local train saw many bridges by placing the bridges in the bridge.

The train was about 50 meters away. The Motor-man ‘Sawant’ told that when he saw that the debris of the foot-over bridge was falling, he imposed an emergency brake. Hundreds of people traveling in this train survived including many children. According to the reports, the Railway Minister of India  has announced to give 5 lakh to ‘Sawant’.

During a foot overbridge crash at the Andheri station in the country’s financial capital Mumbai, the local train’s Motor-Man appeared as an angel for hundreds of passengers. It is being told that this accident could have been even more frightening, if the locals Train’s ‘ Chandrakant Sawant’, who was passing through there, would have not used emergency brakes in his senses. This train was going from ‘Borivali’ to ‘Churchgate’.



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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)


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