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The Heart of Riga

The capital of Latvia, Riga has many different and interesting neighborhoods. On the city side or the right bank of the Daugava, the heart of Riga is the Old Town.

Here are many narrow streets to wander along and make many interesting discoveries. There are many lovely old churches like the large Dome Cathedral and St. Peters Church, with its incredible church spire from which you can get fantastic views of the city.

Lots of squares like Dome Square where there are wonderful summer cafes.

The incredible Town Hall Square is worth a visit with the interesting architectural building The House of the Black Heads.

Everywhere you walk and look you will find something to delight you. The Old Town is the original area of Riga and still contains a lot of historic remnants. In the old days, it was protected by a surrounding wall with an opening adjacent to the Daugava River. When this wall was torn down the waters from the Daugava filled this space and created the Riga City Canal, which now runs throughout the city and its parks. The Old Town has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is listed as “Historic Center of Riga”.

In Medieval Times Riga was a mighty harbor and it was a member city of the Hanseatic League. The league joined the traders of the Baltic Region and North Germany. You can see some of the history when you tour the reconstructed House of the Black Heads. When you walk about the Old Town you can practically feel the spirits of those who have passed on and made an impact on this fantastic city follow from behind. The Old Town is lively both during the day and even at midnight when nightlife goes on.

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