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The Green Park

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With my writing, I have been taking you on a tour of London’s Royal Parks. This is the last of them. The Green Park usually known as Green Park is located in the City of Westminster in central London, England. The park lies between Hyde Park and St. James’s Park.

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The Canada Memorial

Unlike the other parks, Green Park has no lakes, buildings, and playgrounds. It does have a few monuments – commemorating the members of the Canadian Forces killed during WW I and WW II is the Canada Memorial,

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the Diana Fountain,

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and the RAF Bomber Command Memorial.

There are trees throughout and the only flowers are naturalized narcissus.

Along the Green Park is Constitution Hill, Queen’s Walk and Piccadilly.

The park meets up with St. James’s Park at Queen’s Gardens where at the center you’ll find the Victoria Memorial, opposite the entrance to Buckingham Palace.

To the south is the ceremonial avenue of the Mall and the buildings of St. James’s Palace

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and Clarence House stands overlooking the park to the east.

Green Park Tube Station is a major interchange and the Tube runs beneath Green Park.


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  1. It seems to be more a historical park than a leisure park but nonetheless very beautiful ( with its narcissus’) and artful (with its different structures and statues). I especially like the Canada Memorial since I am a proud Canadian myself. Thank you for showing off these great pictures.

    • Being a park that is small they did great with the memorials and the fountain that gives it a historical feel. I have seen small parks that are just too full of things to even have room for walking so they did well with this one.


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