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The first impressions about Kenya

We traveled to exotic Kenya for the main reasons where wildlife, beaches, and local life. So when we got the opportunity to get cheaper tickets, we grabbed them right away. We connected this trip to the husband’s wish of diving in the Red Sea, but the main purpose this time was Kenya. After a few days in Hurghada, we flew from there to Nairobi. I already wrote about safari we had in one national park, and the next day, we headed to Mombasa from Nairobi airport.

There are no mandatory vaccinations for visiting Kenya, but we have made all the recommended ones, although the risk of infection is not high. We did not plan to sit in tourist areas alone, so getting some vaccination (such as for yellow fever,hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, tetanus) we acquired peace of mind.

As for malaria, even from an early age, it was synonymous of Africa to me so when I found out that there was no vaccine for this disease, there was a mini shock, but we were informed that prevention of infection (transmitted by mosquitoes) requires taking Malarone one day before during the journey, and for seven days afterward. Tablets are not cheap, they can have side effects, and alcohol is not advisable.

In my opinion, must-have items when traveling to Africa:

  1. 50 SPF sunscreen,
  2. Very good binoculars for safaris,
  3. Camera with a good optical zoom or drone;
  4. Kenyan SIM card (bought at the airport),
  5. Mosquito spray (bought at the airport, our native was too weak),
  6. Various medicines (especially for diarrhea, well, 70% of Europeans who we met there needed them);
  7. Special adapter (plug) for power sockets – 220 / 240V.

It is also important to plan your route, to find out the areas you want to visit and to distribute your time. We had almost everything planned in Lithuania, booked the accommodation in advance and traveling methods.

Although Africa is Africa, if there is one, it would fit perfectly – tourists are planning, and Africa is laughing. We knew this, but still, we took risks and without a few nuances things went really well.

The first time we stepped on the African continent caused mixed feelings, it turns out that cultural shock is the real thing. Although most locals speak English (Kenya is a former English colony), for some it is like a mixture of Swahili and English bubbling, so it was difficult to understand at first, but later, we got used to it as to everything else.

As a general rule, Africans are relatively slower and calmer people; the situation in cities is a bit different, but it’s still not as ours when we keep pace with uncertain pursuits. The fact that their minds are less “contaminated” with the information of the modern world, even the rare ones at home have a TV set.

Although just after the arrival, the European inertia kept me in a hurry somewhere, now, at the end of vacation already, nothing left but to relax changing our usual rhythm. And this helped to make friends with local Kenyans who passing by always friendly shout out friendly Jambo with a big smile.

So, these are the first impressions I want to share with you. Tomorrow we will have new adventures, and even more memories about this country. 

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  1. Kenya seems to be a beautiful country and the Kenyans seem very friendly. Unfortunately I do not think I would ever visit just because it is in Africa and way too hot for me. I melt easily… Nonetheless your pictures show an awesome and jewel like landscape…

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