The Cheaper Airport Travel Tips You Need to Know About

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Leaving the country, whether you are meeting family abroad, traveling for work or holidaying in the sun, it always costs money. So, how can we keep the costs to a minimum, and save those pennies for when we are actually on holiday? We have all heard of booking last minute or using price comparison site, but take a look at some of these lesser known ways to save some money on your next trip away!

Stop Paying High Prices for Airport Parking

Airport parking is just one of those added expenses that you don’t think about while booking a holiday, and it can be really expensive as well. But there are ways that you can work to reduce this annoying cost. Here are a few ides:

  • Get a friend to help: Getting a buddy to drop you off and pick you up from the airport will get rid of these nasty costs completely!
  • Park and Ride: Going for a park and ride option is usually a lot cheaper than parking on site at the airport, so this is definitely an option worth considering.
  • Discounts: Use sites like Parking at Airports to reduce the cost of of your parking. They have regular deals on parking at a range of UK airports.

Take an Empty Water Bottle

You are not allowed to go through security with any liquid. This means that you will have to throw away, and then re-invest in, a water bottle. By emptying your bottle out, you can take it through and then simply refill it at a tap on the other side. This may only save you a pound or two, but every little counts!

Take Some Snacks With You

In flight meals can be super expensive, not to mention of a questionable quality. Avoid this by taking some snacks to the airport with you. Taking fruit, sandwiches and other snacks will help you to avoid the high food prices before and during your flight.

 Exchange Your Money Before You Fly

While it may be tempting to wait until you are at the airport to change your money, it is a good idea to do it in advance. Airports often charge high prices for you to change your currency. By heading to your local currency exchange bureau before you go to the airport, you will be able to save yourself those nasty rates!

Packing Light

If you are asked to keep your baggage to a certain weight then do it. There is nothing worse than getting to the airport and having to pay high prices because you have overpacked. Save some pennies on your travel by packing light!

Stay Away From Duty Free

The illusion that you are saving a lot of money is often all that is needed for you to, well, spend money. Don’t give in to the low prices at duty free by steering clear of the products all together. Spending no money is better than spending it!

These are some of the lesser known ways that you can save money while heading through the airport. Whether you are low on money or simply want to save those pennies for when you are actually on holiday, these cost cutting tips should help you to do so!

So save on your airport parking, take an empty bottle and some snacks, change your money up before you go and pack light! May this flight be your cheapest one yet!

Here are some more money saving tips for you!

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