The best traditional markets in the world

Traditional markets know glory days. Even if the visitor does not intend to buy something, he deserves to visit it to admire them.

La Boqueria: Barcelona, Spain

It has its roots in the 13th century as a pig market. It is full of fish, butchers, cheese shops and grocery stores, while dozens of wholesales specialize in the famous Spanish smoker, which have chosen to buy Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria to sell their products.

This place is suitable for a stop for a meal. The stalls of the small restaurants offer fresh seafood and Mediterranean specialties.

Tsukiji Fish Market: Tokyo, Japan

Tsukiji Fish Market is the largest market for wholesale fish and seafood products in the world, as it sells over 400 kinds of seafood, from the cheapest product, like seaweed, to caviar costing hundreds of dollars.It is one of Tokyo’s biggest tourist attractions, where visitors gather before dawn to see the auctions conducted for products like tuna.

The market brings together a labyrinth of tiny little streets full of retail stores that give visitors the opportunity to buy seafood and other foods and enjoy early in the morning. However, because of the Olympic Games in 2020, you may need to change the location.

Union Square Farmer’s Market: New York, USA

Back in 1970, Union Square in New York was an area in Manhattan with great crime. All this, until a group of farmers rooted and rejuvenated it.The market became one of the best in the world, with over 140 farmers, fishmongers, bakers and butchers selling their products to their guests.

Many chefs choose this place to shop for the things they will need because of their good quality. In addition, guided tours are organized for children to learn useful information about health and how it is influenced by the quality of food, as well as information about their seasons and products.

Or Tor Kor Market: Bangkok, Thailand

It is located next to the Bangkok Chatuchak weekend market and includes wonderful products such as vegetables and exotic fruits which are unique in Thailand as well as imported products from other Asian countries.

The Or Tor Kor market is impeccable and allows visitors to wander and taste seafood specialties. Tourists will be delighted with the special pastries with curry and vegetables, as well as other local Thai food.

Gianyar Street night market: Ubud, Bali

Bali has many interesting places to visit, and if you stay at Ubud this place is not only 30 or 45 minutes main Ubud. This place offers many Balinese traditional foods like chicken betutu, thirst, nasi goreng and many traditional pies. Just leave the one of the best 5 star hotels in Bali that you stay and be a local for a night.

St. Lawrence Market: Toronto, Canada

The Toronto Market Lawrence is one of the most famous in Canada. It’s the place where Toronto residents – whose diet includes almost exclusively local products – shop Ontario’s food and groceries: Homemade pies, freshly baked bread, deer meat and other local produce. On Saturdays, farmers sell seasonal organic produce, a tradition that has its roots in 1803. Embracing over 120 suppliers, St. Lawrence’s South Market also sells imported products such as tropical fruits and avocados that are not easily grown, due to climate, in Ontario.

Borough Market: London, England

This is the oldest fruit and vegetable market in London and one of the best in the world. The Borough Market is in the Southwark neighborhood since 1755, an area known for purchasing fresh fish from the 13th century. Designer for local produce and fruit, for handmade cheeses and breads and is one of the main choices of large restaurants to buy the products they want. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays is open to visitors who, apart from their weekly shopping, can also taste various delicacies.

Kreta Ayer Wet Market: Singapore

This market has an amazing variety of fresh vegetables from Asia but also live frogs and turtles, eggs, Chinese herbs, tofu. It has a hawker center on the top floor where guests can relax and enjoy a bowl or a bowl other local food.

Kowloon City Wet Market: Hong Kong, China

In a city that is famous for its markets, the Kowloon City wet market remains alive. Both tourists and locals flock to this place to buy high-quality products, including fresh meat.

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