The Berlin Wall, unadorned

A few days ago I posted some photos of the Berlin Wall that were near the hotel I stayed at. These had become an art gallery. This set is of another stretch of the Wall, in central Berlin, that have been left in their unadorned state.

You can see that the Wall was – at heart – just a long line of reinforced concrete blocks. Of course, it was much more than that – barbed wire, sand traps, watchtowers, and facilities for killing anyone who tried to get over it.

However, the knowledge that people died trying to do exactly that makes this a disturbing place to be.

The Berlin Wall

Reinforcement cables

Freedom was such a short distance away

Another horror

After the rest of the Wall came down, it was discovered that immediately behind this stretch was the site of the long-demolished headquarters of the Gestapo and SS, where Himmler, Heydrich and other prominent Nazis had their offices and made plans for the Holocaust. From the walkway along the Wall you can therefore turn round and look down into what were once the cellars in which enemies of the Nazis were tortured and murdered.

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    • Which, of course, it is. I think it is important that both parts of the Wall are still there. The art gallery part is all about “beating swords into ploughshares”, whereas the “raw” Wall brings home the stark reality.

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