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The Beautiful Giethoorn!

Giethoorn is located in northeastern Dutch province of Overijsse, Netherlands. So beautiful and oh so lively little village! We were supposed to be spending there a night but because of my clumsiness, the ending of our amazing day ended at the hospital and ended driving back home!

As we finished our 2 hours and half boat ride, we were walking to find a nice place to sit for a lovely dinner, but oh, I tripped myself in the corner of the road and broke my right foot ankle :'(. Quickly had our dinner, drove to doctors’ house and get a referral for the hospital. I got a cast and crutches and I will have to endure an unpleasant long flight within a day with it… What a great way to end my holiday!

But anyway, it was still a great day yesterday and no regrets…. no pain no gain right? 🙂 And I was able to steer our rented boat haha it was fun even though it was just an electric boat and quite easy to manage :). What a great time it was. So here are some photos and I hope you guys enjoy it! 🙂



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