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Thanksgiving Wander project 2001

The first blast of pictures today was from 2000. The ones attached to this post is from 2001. I do not have a linear set of folders for Thanksgiving. In part because I started a project to clean up my picture archive and never actually finished it. With 150,000 images it is hard to have a system that works. It is funny how many years later to see the boys at Thanksgiving, to see my daughter at Thanksgiving the way they used to be.

That was back in the days of VCR tapes in the Van. We would load the kids into the van and pop in a VCR tape. Later we would have vehicles that had DVD’s, but in the early 2000’s DVD’s were not as readily available in car/van systems. The big blue van we had then was the first car we had with an integrated entertainment system. We had a Nintendo 64 and a VCR in the car. The kids were happy to have the entertainment.

Funny thing about this Thanksgiving, I don’t remember anything special about it. I should; it is November 2001, Now two months past the events that grounded my travels for two weeks. 9/11 changed everything. It made flying harder; it made travel difficult. But I don’t remember it truly impacting us that year. Gathered as a family and enjoying the food. Mom and dad worked together with each of them making part of the dinner. Each of the families would bring a dish to pass and away we went!


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