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Thailand: rent a scooter for your traveling

I had a dream to finally visit Asia and started my journey from Thailand. We went for two weeks but stayed for the month. I decided that if I finally am there, I will explore as much as I can. Why come back again, to pay for the long flight which is enough expensive if we can stay longer, and next time, we will better explore another country.  

 We both with my husband are working on ourselves, means, we are our own bosses, so any job did not interfere with our plans. I can say that it was a good decision to stay for the whole month, to change accommodation a few times (from cheap to luxury). in this way, I got to know much more than if we would live in one hotel. 

Thailand enchants with its stunning views and freedom of movement. We traveled on our own, as many who already were in Thailand adviced us not to buy a package in the agency but travel independently if we want to get to know this beautiful country.

The best way to travel is to rent a motorcycle. It looks like everyone is riding a motorcycle there. Gasoline is expensive for locals, so there is no big traffic. After we got to the final point to Thailand and checked into the hotel, we began to think about how we would move around to see all the sights around this wonderful city and inside it. 

We have read that favorite way of traveling is a motorcycle, but my husband was for renting a car. Being there, we changed our mind, and we have rented both a car and a motorcycle. if wanted to drive a bigger distance, we’re using a car, if just around any city and its surroundings – a motorcycle. 

Prices for scooter rental are fixed in most places. Not expensive at all, only 400 baht per day. They take a copy of the passport, take a deposit so that you come back for your money, and go on. The only thing that they have expensive, it is the price of gasoline. They import it, so the price is not low. But the scooter does not eat a lot of fuel.

Most days we traveled from morning to evening, at least part of our trip. We examined all the sights. What is good, in Thailand you do not need to have rights to drive a scooter,  so we went everywhere, although sometimes we got into traffic jams, and it was scary because of there the traffic movement is very different from ours, such big mess. 

In Thailand, you can where you want to hang your helmet right on the steering wheel and go wherever you want. No one will touch your scooter. Everyone has a scooter here, but the laws are very harsh, so you can safely leave it and not be afraid. It works everywhere, and in Chiang Mai, and in Bangkok, and in Pattaya.

Strange, but in any grocery store you can find liter bottles with gasoline for your scooter. Very beautiful nature, jungle, and very convenient, on a scooter everywhere you can drive. The main thing is to wear a helmet. Everything went smoothly for us, but the movement here is really scary.

I highly recommend to come to the north of Thailand and examine all its beauty on a scooter. It is fascinating and not expensive. You can see much more than from the bus window. I still remember this super trip, as if we had it only yesterday. It was our first experience riding a scooter.


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