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Sunny South Africa – Indeed!

South Africa is the receptacle – Africa is the flower.This little country tips the base-point of the Dark Continent.Along its shores, two Oceans meet; the cold Atlantic waters melt into the warm Indian current.Our climate ranges from Mediterranean in the southwestern corner to temperate in the interior plateau; subtropical in the east and desert in the west. Most of the country has warm, sunny days and cool nights.

Due to our geographic location and our wonderful climate, we enjoy gorgeous sunrises and sunsets; over the land and over the sea.

From the east to the west, and a few places in between, I have immortalised a few fleeting moments of rapture so that everyone can see and appreciate the wonder of the African sky.Enjoy the magnificence of the sun through the eyes of a sun-shine-child.

Sunset in the Bushveld: Kruger National Park.                                                                                                           There is something spectacular about a sunset in the bush. The air is filled with dust that has been stamped up by the feet of elephants, antelope and giraffes. The sky is filled with suspended specks of orange that used to be dust particles on the ground.

 Sunset at the Indian Ocean: Salt Rock.                                                                                                                          Because of it’s situation on the East Coast of South Africa, the sun does not set over the sea, but inland. There are still beautiful photo opportunities as the colours of the setting sun spill from the land and reach over the water.

Sunset at Schoenmakerskop: Port Elizabeth.                                                                                                                     Set in Nelson Mandela Bay on the Eastern Cape coast, one can see the sun rise and set over the Indian Ocean.

Sunrise in Port Elizabeth.

Sunset: Vaal River, Free State Province.

Sunrise over the Indian Ocean as seen from the 11th floor of The Breakers Resort: Umhlanga Rocks.

Sunrise reflecting off the mirror-like windows of The Beacon Isle Hotel: Plettenberg bay.



There are moments in every day

When the sun will take your breath away

If you can stop your hurried pace

Slow your haste and lift your face

Look to the east or look to the west

And see how truly you are blessed


What do you think?

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Written by Toni Bug


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