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Summer in Auckland New Zealand – part Two

There is a road that goes from Central Auckland CBD and winds around the Waterfront. You go to Mechanics Bay, Okahu Bay, Mission Bay and St Heliers to Achilles Point.

Here are a few photos but this is not the lot.

At this time of the year the cicadas sound as the birds sing. One American was convinced that there were Rattlesnakes on the waterfront because mother and daughter came from USA where Rattlesnakes like. I told them there were not, and they replied, “We Know”.

So I showed them a small cicada, and told them that was where the noise came from. If I find a cicada soon I will take its photo. It looks like a Grey Grasshopper and it is harmless.

#1 Mechanics Bay of Yacht

#2 Mechanics Bay Runners

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#3 View of North Head on left and Rangitoto Island behind it.

#4 Mechanics Bay runners and Auckland Wharves

#5 Mechanics Bay view of Bream rock left of yacht

#6 Okahu Bay Marina view of Rangitoto Island

#7 Okahu Marina

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