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Stillwater Cove

After seeing so many beautiful travel photos posted by Virily members from all over the world, I remembered that here in the USA we do call our country “America the Beautiful” for a reason.  This is the name they put on our lifetime senior pass which costs only $10 and entitles us to free or half/price access and camping at thousands of wonderful forest sites up and down the state.  It is one of my goals in life to make as much use of my senior pass as possible because without it travel can be expensive, especially on the coast where some of the campsites run $95/night and hotel rooms average about $250.

This is Stillwater Cove, one of my favorite vacation spots near Jenner up on the north coast.  If you come here bring a coat, as this is a rugged part of the coast likely to be foggy and cold even in the summer.  But at least midweek it tends to be little traveled. Therefore,  if getting away from it all is what you like this is a lovely place.


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Written by Ann Hartley

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  1. WOW Ann just reading through your Bio, I’m absolutely drawn to your lifestyle. My wife and I intended to do something like that 8 years ago when we both turned 61. We were going to sell our apartment and our car, buy a camper and take wonderfull relaxing trips until that last sunset came along. Well, the universe changed our plans, right-around. Still, we have no regrets, we had many tough years together and had to make lots of lemonade, Pun! But I get to spend lots of time in the company of my favorite person, my wife, Daleen.

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