Grand Lido Negril - aerial view of property

Spoiled Vacation – 6

As Wendy walked to the sea up came the Beach Bums. She moved quickly to the security guard.

“Are you Security?” she asked.

He answered in a  ridiculous false accent so it sounded as if he’d said;

“Yayess. Ahhhhh. Hammmm.”

Angry now, Wendy decided she’d had enough. She hadn’t been here for four hours, but had been harassed almost continually.

She marched  to the manager’s office to complain.

The manager tried to placate, but Wendy was not going to be quieted. She demanded her money back, threatened law suits. Threatened to report the hotel to various authorities.

The manager sought to appease.

He called the security guard. Told him to look after Wendy. Told him to make sure that she was not harrassed.


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Written by jaylar

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