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Some curiosities of The National Museum of Denmark

The National Museum of Denmark/Nationalmuseet can be considered as a kind of meeting place of the Viking Age, later periods and modernity. Incredibly interesting things are stored here! For example, gold jewelry worn by Vikings and their wives; fancy medieval outfits. There are even computer games on the Viking theme!

Brief information about Nationalmuseet: it is one of the largest historical and cultural museums in Denmark, located in the center of Copenhagen. The exhibition covers as much as 14 thousand years of Danish history (from the Ice Age to the present). The pride of the Museum is the only exhibit in the world-a prehistoric sculpture called “The Sun Chariot”.

The pearls of the Museum collection are brought here from all over the world: from Greenland to South America. Periodically, there are entertaining exhibitions on a variety of topics. Therefore, tourists visiting Copenhagen, try to find at least a little time and be sure to go to the Danish national Museum.,_1879_(8473598304).jpg,_1879_(8473597830).jpg,_1879_(8472508529).jpg%20

Another curious fact: the Museum is located in the Palace where the Danish Prince once lived (but not Hamlet!).

If you plan to visit The National Museum of Denmark in the coming months, you can pay attention to the following exhibitions.

Firstly, the exhibition “Danish prehistory: Putting a Face to the Vikings” tells about the multifaceted universe of these proud warriors. Kings and queens, berserker warriors, peasant – different sides of their lives will be showed and explained in detail.,_Nationalmuseet_Copenhagen.jpg

Secondly, in the Museum you can get to the exhibition Cosplayer! – Manga Youth. It presents different artistic images taken from Danish and Japanese cosplay (a kind of costume game, the participants of which try to copy the characters of films, anime, comics, etc.).

Finally, you also have the opportunity to explore the permanent Museum collections: the ancient history of Denmark, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in the Danish Kingdom, milestones from 1660 to 2000, ethnographic collection. In addition, the Museum presents a rich collection of Royal coins and medals. And children will definitely like the mini-Museum, made especially for them!’s_museum_-_puppets.jpg

Wish you a super visit to this fascinating place!

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