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Some creative shots…

Having fun with some shots I took in three different places. These shots are from some time ago, believe it or not I started altering shots and doing them creatively long before digital photography or “photoshop”. I can actually do creative altering old school ( I started taking photography lessons learning at the young age of 15). So my “bad” habits are not new, LOL, I have ALWAYS enjoyed doing things differently and trying new creative ways of things since I can remember. Okay, in case you’re wondering, no, I’m not about 90 years old. ??‍??


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  1. Great work! I also have “bad habits” that originated in chemical photography by double exposures and stacking negatives in the darkroom or painting developer on areas of prints or masking areas during the exposure of prints. These habits have certainly not diminished by digital photography making it easier. And I am infinitely corruptible. (laughing) 🙂

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