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Seven Saints Church, Sofia

Seven Saints Church, Sofia

The building was built in 1528 as a mosque. 

In the 19th century, the mosque’s minaret fell and was abandoned. 

Between 1901 and 1903 the building was converted into a church, which was consecrated on July 27, 1903.

The temple bears the name of the creators of the Cyrillic alphabet – St. Cyril and St. Methodius and their disciples and followers Clement, Naum, Gorazd, Sava and Angelarius.


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Written by Georgi Tsachev

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    • There are many religions mixed up in these lands.
      Thracians and Goths lived here.
      After them came the Romans…
      The city itself was founded by Emperor Constantine, who introduced Christianity as a religion.
      This is where the Council of Sardicia took place, from which Christianity split into Orthodox and Catholicism.
      So, centuries after centuries here have confessed monotheistic religions and those with many deities.

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