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Sainte-Genevieve Library

The Sainte Genevieve Library is located in the Place du Pantheon in Paris, France. It was designed by Henri Labrouste in 1943. The library building was designed using a combination of wrought iron and cast iron that offered a visual lightness and natural illumination.

The former Abby de Sainte-Genevieve gave the library its collection of books and documents. There are manuscripts of theology and the arts and sciences. Officially the library opened on February 4, 1851. It is a two-story rectangular building.

You’ll find library stacks on the ground floor and rare book storage both of which are surrounded by a central foyer. Stairs lead up to a large reading room that takes up the entire upper story. This space has 46 huge windows.

In width, the library is divided by a central spine of elegantly slender cast-iron Ionic columns that stand on short piers. These are braced longitudinally with filigree arches and support decorative openwork cast-iron round arches.

Between 1.5 and 2 million documents can be found in fields of knowledge such as philosophy, psychology, religion, social sciences, pure and applied sciences, linguistics, art, literature, geography, and history.

The General Fund consists of two specialized funds – a reserve for old documents which are rare and valuable and Nordic Library for the Fenno-Scandinavian languages and cultures. The library is accessible to the public.

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    • I love the smell of all the books in the library and it really brings me to another place when I open one of those big books and get a great whoosh of air, Doc. I cannot travel to all the libraries around the world but I thought it would be fun to find out about as many as I can and share it with everyone.

    • I thought it would be fun to get information about all kinds of libraries and share it with everyone, Grace I have seen libraries with these kinds of lights but not so many. The lights are beside each place where a person will sit so they can have plenty of light to read books

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