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Rock Garden in India, Chandigarh

Last week, I and my wife visited a popular tourist destination in Chandigarh, India, that is known as a Rock Garden. It is a paradise place! The ticket cost is $0.5 only. Rock Garden is perfect for exploration and active rest. It is a nice place for taking cool photos for your Instagram.

It is a sculpture garden that takes much space – 40 acres. Many people visit Rock Garden, although we were there on Wednesday, the middle of the working week. We noticed many seniors there.

It is pretty hot in India nowadays, so we enjoyed the cold water of the waterfall.

It is really clean and tidy on the territory of the Rock Garden. There are a lot of sculptures of animals, people, and fairies there, so I assume that it is quite scary to walk there at night.

Nevertheless, Rock Garden is certainly worth visiting! It is a wonderful place!


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