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Recent Trip to Piha Beach

Hi! I haven’t a lot lately, so here are a few photos I took of Piha beach. On the title part of Virily you will see the face of a Lion on Lion Rock. It shows some houses by a beach and there are many homes here you don’t see from this view. It is a closed off community of people when the weather is off and most of the locals know each other very well.

In the past, the road to Piha was a gravel, rough dirt road and its a winding road with hair pin bends and one huge bolder rock jutted out on a cliff face over part of the road. Things have changed since then, that scary rock has been blasted off for safety reasons and this road is now modern and tar sealed.

I recall sandwiches eaten on the beach that was mixed with black sand. I didn’t mind giving them to the sea gulls when no one was watching. Now I make the sandwhiches and they taste a lot nicer and are eaten in a less sandy place.

I realise now while taking a photo from the viewing platform of Piha, I was being watched by a very smart Chaufinch in this picture. He or She is from the local community of Piha Chaufinches.

The very first stop at Piha was the local community Art Gallery. Only shows art work from West Auckland in the local area. The Art is of good quality and its well worth a visit. The person who is the receptionist there showed me a very good walk to view the local birds and bush of Piha.

When you go on the walk you first see a winding stream outside of the Art Gallery. In some areas there is a fence put up for safety reasons. The local Ducks enjoy a swim.

Just some of the local bush.

Some local Spur Winged Plovers were having a discussion, this is the speaker at that moment.!

A young child enjoys the trampoline and through this you can see Lion Rock behind the Cabbage trees.

We left and went away. I took some photos of Piha Beach. You may or may not have heard of a programme called, “Piha Rescue!”. Piha is a very dangerous surf beach but it attracts a lot of visitors.

We went to the North end of Piha beach and this Camel Rock is part of the viewing. There were people out walking and some were walking their dogs. I was on top of a sand dune to take this photo.

After that view we left and turned down a side road with homes and looked out on a stream and some bush. Heres the stream reflections. There was a local Pukako bathing

Then we went to the North side of Piha, a closer view of Camel Rock

Piha Surf and some surfers!

Lion Rock, sun bathers and some other beach activity. Concludes this trip.

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