Pokeno Market

Last Sunday we went to Pokeno about 40 minutes drive south from where we live.

Pokeno has Markets on Sundays, every Sunday. It has the famous Pokeno Butcher, which boast the best sausages and bacon and other meat, plus ice cream parlours.

Although there is a coffee shop there, it’s cheaper to buy coffee at the market. Tea and Coffee are $1.00 and for $1.00 you can buy something small and home made to go with it.

In the sweltering heat. It’s great to finish off with an ice cream. We are going through a heat wave in New Zealand at the moment. This January has been the hottest it’s ever been. It isn’t the heat so much but 75-80% humidity, and sometimes 90% humidity. One person has died already from this heat wave.

In severe heat drink plenty of water. Water is the best.

#1 View of the Bombay Hills

Taken from Pokeno Shops

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#2 Pokeno Market and our cafe.

That handsome man on the left is my husband Warwick.

Stalls vary from food, to brick and back, clothes, jewellery, vegetables. Plants. I bought some plants.

#3 Bird’s eggs in a shop which sells sea shells.

He collected some eggs.

#4 Abstract of Various in Shell Shop

Large Emu egg and other sundry. Abstract.

#5 Shell Vendor

A charming man originally from Britain who has lived in New Zealand in his bus for many years. Now he's part of the furniture!

#6 Butterfly’s he collected

He has an odd curiosity shop of various items. Mum used to collect sea shells. To no avail, while she and her brothers collected, Granny being efficient would soon throw them out because as a child Mums family moved from country to country in the Eastern Oriental countries. They couldn't afford to have a lot of things.

#7 Old Country home in Pokeno

Just across the field, where this market is taking place,  is an old country house. Even growing vegetables. 

#8 Abstract Sea Objects

Close up

#9 Abstract produce of the sea

Can you see the Dolphin head ? or the Scallop shell?

#10 Unusual Shells.

I have no idea what these pointed shells are. Mum used to own shells like the bottom left shell.

What do you think?

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