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Bizarre Occurrence Near The Scene Of Bang Saray’s Latest Fatal Accident

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Two-row-seater buses (songtaew) in Thailand often carry fifteen to twenty people. Only a few weeks ago a quarrelling wife pulled on her husband’s songtaew car-wheel, sent the vehicle in a spin, and killed seven.

Near the scene of that accident, a friend tells me he was slowing down at traffic lights on the long and dangerous Sukhumvit (a road that claims many lives every week). He was on his motorbike and waiting to turn right off the main road and on to a smaller road that leads to his lodgings in seaside Bang Saray. In front of him, he watched a foreigner fall off his motorbike and sit foolishly on some grass by the side of the dangerous road. No car was coming. He asked the foreigner if he was all right. Asked twice. Through cow eyes, the guy said, “Yes,” breathing big alcohol fumes everywhere. “No wonder so many of them get killed,” commented my friend, distancing himself from the fact that he too is one of them. He would argue he isn’t because he doesn’t drink and drive.

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T.I.T.!  This Is (indeed) Thailand where the tourists lose all their inhibitions! Pattaya seduces us into thinking we are young, sexy and living lawless lives. The results of this delusion are apparent everywhere – not least in the dreadful fatalities suffered by farangs and Thais alike in the crazy vroom-vroom of monstrous traffic with motorbikes, mobile restaurants, licenceless Thais at wheels, street-vendors drawing their barrows slow, stray dogs afrisking, badly parked vehicles, and comatose, oblivious-to-it-all tourists strolling back-to-traffic waywards and frontwards, on busy roads (thanons) and extremely narrow sois! I occasionally feel so overwhelmed myself as motorbikes sheer off my bonnet left and my bonnet right, avoiding the side-mirrors by centimeters, roaring like huge, crazed hornets……I wonder why panic doesn’t overwhelm me and still me at the wheel, but I am part of this delusion we call Pattaya. I am a sexy man. I am young at sixty-seven, and my life is lawless. What other explanation can there be for my folly?!

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Written by Jonathan Finch

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