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Pattaya Floating Market

A visit to the Floating Market was part of an excursion to the River Kwai. We arrived at the place on the minivans and were moved into the motorboats for 6-8 people each. And we went on a journey through the canals that connect the two rivers Tachen and Maklong.

Of course, our aim was not shopping. First of all, this expansion of the outlook and familiarity with the local coloring of the country.

In 1967, it was decided to take a part of the channel under the floating market. Here the locals built their homes. Over time, it became the largest and most famous market in Thailand. Near each dwelling, there is an improvised mooring for boats.

I somehow envy the deep sense of Thai patriotism. Around portraits of the beloved king and flags of the kingdom. Do you know what the colors of the flag of Thailand mean? Red is the color of the people, white symbolizes love, and blue is the color of the king (on the flag it is in the middle and double the thickness). So it turns out that the flag tells us: The people love the king, and the king loves his people!

Everywhere by the canal, the boats filled with the goods to the top, rush one after another. The merchants constantly grabbed our boat in the course of the excursion and pulled to their market, offering goods that can be bought anywhere in Thailand. 

But the price is higher 3-5 times. The guide immediately warned that prices are high, and if you want to bargain and you know the real value of the thing, you can try. The floating market is full of various souvenirs and tourist trivia.

Here on the boats, people manage to cook. Maybe before the cars’ appearance, this market was in demand, but now it is more focused on tourists, which there are masses. On the floating market, you can meet tourists from almost all over the world.

Many houses are abandoned. I am sure that some of the workers live in other places since living in such a place can affect health. 

I will not say that I was absolutely delighted, but it was still interesting to see an authentic place of an old floating market. I love to see and feel the country in all its diversity. I believe that floating markets in Thailand is one of the interesting, historically established traditions.


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