Morocco And Its Hiking Destinations

Morocco is a fantastic place to discover exotic cities, eat delicious food, and relax in the sun. There are several popular activities in Morocco that you want to participate in and enjoy that funfilled experience. But do not forget that except these Morocco also offers plenty of hiking opportunities. There are various tourist attractions sites in Morocco, but for the ease of the person, one can visit the top 10 tourists attraction in Morocco. The country offers varied terrains that include majestic snow-capped mountains, barren deserts, and dramatic rocky coastlines. From Atlas mountains to the forested valleys, here are the top seven outstanding places to go hiking in Morocco that will stimulate your minds.

Seven Best Morocco’s Hiking Destinations

Several people love to go hiking on and off because they enjoy the green valleys and nature, and usually, after a few days of the hike, they are like oh! I miss hiking! And they urge to discover a new place for hiking ASAP. Because they are people who know hiking treasures, and they value it as well. For such people, we came forward to ease their research process and elaborated on the seven best Morocco’s hiking destinations. Let’s get started. 🙂

Paradise Valley

Paradise valley is a 35km ride away from Agadir city. If you are coming from the cost, then again, you have to travel 35km away from Taghazout. This lush valley has a short, well-marked walking trail approximately 17 miles from Aourir. One can enjoy the hike over there and witness the mesmerizing view of waterfall one can also hire a guide to explore the valley’s Berber villages and camps under the star.

Tazekka National Park

Tazekka national park is located in the middle atlas range near the city Taza. This park was created to preserve the natural resources around Jbel Tazekka. This densely forested national park has seven marked hiking trails ranging from 1 to 10 miles long.


Tafraout is located in the anti-atlas of Morocco almost 200 kilometers away from Agadir, exactly in the south of Morocco. This breathtaking little town is surrounded by pink granite mountains with their famous colors. Tarafout is mainly 1000 above sea level, where almost and olive trees grow. It is an exceptional tourist destination, which makes it possible to discover one of the roots of the Amazigh culture.

M’guon Massif Traverse

A hike that allows trekking in atlas mountains. M’guon massif is the second highest summit in morocco. It lies between the central plains and the Sahara desert of Morocco. High rounded peaks, massive rock slabs, and mud formed stems overlook vast treeless valleys and barely vegetated plateaus. This land offers exciting hiking challenges and enjoying the culture of massif traverse. There are several animals and plants which make this place their home and enhance the beauty of M’guon massif traverse.

Jebel Sirwa Ascent

Jebel sirwa is located between the high atlas and anti atlas mountain ranges, an extinguished volcano surrounded by massive gorges and great scenery. It is around 50km from Jbel Toubkal, but the scenery is distinctive with the interesting rock formation. It is a challenging hike to reach the peak but well worth the effort.

Jebel Sahro

Jebel sahro is the driest part of the Atlas mountains, and it is one of the most sparsely populated regions of Morocco. The jebel sahro is well known in trekking and the adventurous world for its lunar landscapes and desolate landscapes. Plus, it is the best choice for less experienced trekkers, and you would love trekking here, no matter if you are a beginner.

Chefchaouen (Rif Mountains)

Chefchaouen is known as the blue city of Morocco because everything there is painted in blue color. It is the base of the Rif mountains, morocco’s northernmost mountain range, and hence it is the best starting point for trekking through this area. The green valleys waiting to be explored to make it an excellent trekking destination. There are several trails throughout the mountains, depending on the number of days you are going to hike. You would be glad and overjoyed after hiking in this extremely beautiful and eye-catching place.


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