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More views of the River Bure

The other day, I posted a picture of the river from where I work in Great Yarmouth.  I think I am very lucky to work in a place with such lovely views.  The river that runs through my town is called the River Bure.  This photo was taken further up the river, about a mile or so away from the other picture I took.  I think this picture is much more scenic as across the river there is the vast country side which has wildlife and various birds that live on the land and feed from the river.  The river runs out to the Norfolk Broads, where people take boat trips and take holidays on boats.

It was quite a pleasant day when I took this snap, although it was quite cold.  But I liked how it was so peaceful.  All I could hear was the water and the birds singing.  It’s very relaxing.  I need to take more walks along the river, I think, and take more photos.  I don’t think I appreciate just how lovely this is.


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