Mini Hot Spot Cities in China

Friday, July 13, 2018

It is Friday the 13th, and I wake up in the morning, trying to decide between watching the movie Trolls at the park or going on a 2-mile Woodbridge walk. For a change, I decide to go to the Trolls movie for this evening.

As I browse on Facebook, I notice a lot of posts about the now famous Baby Trump floating over London and making headlines. I also notice that Trump and Melania are visiting London to make appearances and deals with the Queen. I decide to watch some videos about the event, which has made Baby Trump a big star in London. He is currently more famous than his father, Donald Trump.

While researching on the internet, I suddenly notice the time is 4:30 pm. Where did my day go? I just woke up, and I spent my time on the internet, watching videos, checking out posts, and blogging.

I decided to post another interesting video, which describes China’s mini cities to attract tourists and other people. China creates mini versions of Paris, London, Jackson Hole, and other famous cities in Europe and USA. They are mostly used as theme parks for tourists, as well as many wedding couples are spotted posing for wedding pictures. I agree that it makes an interesting place for personal and professional photo shoots, as well as good places for weddings and other parties. Movie productions can also shoot films at these locations. They do look like movie sets with actual buildings and real props.


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