Mexico City in May 2021

Saturday, May 15, 2021

This NYC youtuber is now in Mexico City for vacation, doing a video tour of the Mexico City area. I think this video is interesting because my family went to Acapulco and Mexico City during Easter Break 1980. I have always liked geography when I was a kid, which is why I have always enjoyed traveling to foreign countries to absorb the ambiance and a different lifestyle.  

I was 15 when I went to Mexico City with family, and I thought it was interesting to check out a different culture. We saw a bullfight in Acapulco, which I didn’t really like because I felt sorry for the bull and I was dying to free the bull before he is tortured to death. Mexico City was a busy business city. But we went on a tour to check out indigenous pyramids, tombs, and caves. I remember racing my young brothers up the pyramids, which weren’t that high, just interesting to climb the stone steps. On the end of that tour, the whole tour went inside a cave with a long table set up for a 10-course meal.

This video takes place in current May 2021. So, I am sure it is different experience from when I visited in 1980.

This NYC youtuber does today’s tour on a double-decker bus. He said Mexico City is cold now.

Many Americans have moved to Mexican, due to the fucked-up Zionist politics to control Americans for the New World Order. I think I posted videos about this in the past.

I noticed some street art mural paintings.

The area with the sidewalk cafes looks cute and there are interesting historical buildings. The cathedral looks nice inside. There is a cute Mexican squirrel. He looks darker than the American squirrels. The green iron benches are cool and stylish because it gives Mexico City a city-life appearance, especially with the large fountain and statue in the center of the courtyard.

(My cover snapshot is of Downtown Tijuana, Mexico, which is on the border of San Diego, California. My mother and her two friends are in the background, waiting in line to get into this Cafe La Esecial restaurant. I was taking the picture with my Minolta 5000 with 50mm lens film camera).


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