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To meet with Finnish design + funny yard decor

Wish to know everything about artistic industrial products of Suomi designers? In this case you should visit Helsinki Design Museum (Korkeavuorenkatu, 23).

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Helsinki Design Museum is one of the oldest museums in the world (its 140th anniversary was celebrated in 2013). This unusual and beautiful construction in neo-Gothic style was built in 1894 by architect Gustav Nyström.

Every year there are held a lot of interesting events there, such as exhibitions on different design themes, lectures on actual issues of design, master classes and so on.

If you want to see some exciting exhibitions devoted to Finnish design in the nearest time, you can be interested in following:

Enter and Encounter (until October 22, 2017) – Finnish designers’ thoughts about design in the future.

Our Scissors (until October 29, 2017). This event is devoted to the 50th anniversary of creation of orange-handled Fiskars scissors – the world’s first scissors with plastic handles.

California (starts in November 2017) – the short insight into history of the design development – from products of 1960-s to iPhones.

Also you can visit one of the permanent exhibitions, such as Utopia Now – The Story of Finnish Design (until 2020) – all about the role of design in the creation and development of Finnish welfare.

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And some funny bonus for you – what yard design ideas are used in my hometown.


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  1. I was surprised at some of the yard decor you’ve posted here. It all made me smile but I was expecting more tradition scan designs. :- ) It would be such fun to attend the events you list here. Love Fiskars, by the way!