Maraetai and the Super Full Moon

The Super Full Moon came, but we didn’t see it, as the clouds obliterated it. However, with that came a very high spring tide.

This tide came up so high it flooded the floor of the Maraetai Cafe. However we came 2 days after and it was open to the public.

This is the fullest tide I’ve ever seen for a while at Maraetai beach and here is some of the views to share with you.

Maraetai is south east Auckland.

#1 Yacht, to Sail today

These little yachts are for children to learn to sail, if they are wealthy enough to do that.

#2 Cyclist and the beach.

All sorts of activity today

#3 view of the tide

You usually see the sand, not today. Suitable to swim in

#4 Wind Surfing.

Good sport for some.

#5 People enjoying the view

Heres the Broadwalk of Maraetai beach, below was sand not today

#6 Terns on the Wharf

The Terns are on the Wharf because no one is allowed on the Wharf, it was damaged by the high tide.

Rules are usually broken and 2 Maoris enjoyed jumping off the Wharf and having fun. Making a huge splash!

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#7 Usual Maraetai Beach

This is the usual scene here. Before the flood. Wont be long before that is like that again

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