Lydford Gorge, Devon

Lydford Gorge is a beauty spot on the edge of Dartmoor, Devon, that is well worth a visit if you don’t mind a strenuous walk over some uneven ground.

The River Lyd has carved a steep narrow gorge as it makes its way off the moor. The tree-lined ravine is a haven for wildlife and you might see a kingfisher or a dipper at work in the river. The woodland floor in Spring in covered in wild garlic that provides a heady scent.

You can follow the river for over a mile, past the Devil’s Cauldron, which is a whirlpool of white foaming water, down to where it falls 30 metres over the White Lady waterfall.

The site is managed by the National Trust, who make a charge for entry, but if you enjoy seeing the English countryside at its unspoilt best, and you have a decent pair of walking boots, the visit will be well worth it!

(The photo is by Robert Pittman; it is licenced for general use)


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