Lovely Josaphat Park

If you are visiting Brussels, Belgium you’ll enjoy relaxing and strolling in Josaphat Park. It has been divided into three sections – the historic park, the great lawns and the playground area.

In the northwest corner of the park is the football stadium once used by the K.V.V. Crossing Elewijt, within the park is also the Chazal elementary school, the R.T.C. Lambermont tennis club and some ponds.

There is a collection of statues in the park among them:

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Boreas by Joseph Van Hamme


Edmon Galoppin

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 L’Elagueur by Albert Desenfans

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Cinderella by Edmon Lefever


Eve and the Serpent Albert Desenfans

Josephat Park was designed by Belgian landscape architect Edmond Galoppin and opened in 1904. The park has a sports and games area, a small zoo, beautiful lawns and many rockery-filled picturesque areas.

Altogether it has almost thirty faux rock creations. The is a lovely pigeon house, a dairy, a large covered shelter and a bandstand.

There are three ponds and a log bridge and alpine landscape created by Dummillieux.


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