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Lovely Herastrau Park

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In Bucharest, Romania one of the best places to relax and get away from the city streets is Herastrau Park. It was created from 1930 – 1936 from marshland around the Herastrau Lake.

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A large part of the park is occupied by the Village Museum and within the park, you’ll also find the residence of the royal family of Romania, The Elisabeta Palace which is closed to the public.

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The Village Museum is one of Europe’s oldest open-air museums. Here you can enjoy homesteads, churches, mills and windmills from rural Romania.

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As you enter the park you’ll see a statue of Charles de Gaulle in bronze. It is in honor of Bucharest hosting the Francophonie conference. Other statues and busts you can see here include Romanian revolutionary Nicolae Balcescu and an important figure in Bengali literature Rabindranath Tagore. There are statues of local artists and writers among them Romania’s national poet Mihai Eminescu.

Statues of foreigners include William Shakespeare. You can even find a statue of Prince Charming and a memorial to Michael Jackson.

Herastrau Park also has an adventure park with four trails of various difficulty with one being for small children and others for children aged eight and above.

Teatrul de Vara is an open-air summer theater and hosts performances of theater companies. The small pavilions all around the park have art exhibitions.

During the summertime, you can take boat trips on the lake or take a ride on a shuttle that links one side with the other. You’ll find boats departing from the jetty located behind the Hard Rock Cafe.

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You’ll find that the paths of the Island of Roses are lined with roses and you can delight in exotic birds.The lake is stocked with carp and for a price, you can do some fishing. Cyclists and joggers enjoy going around the lake. It is possible to rent bikes during the summer.There are many places to eat and drink in the park.


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    • Yes, Rex, this park appears to be very inviting. I do suppose parks that are as large as this one tend to get hard to maintain. As I explore the possibilities of different parks around the capital cities of Europe and I am determined to look at all of them I have noticed that some capital cities leave a lot to be desired when it comes to parks. I will see how my quest for information continues.

  1. When I was in grade school it was the height of the Cold War and we were told how the Soviet block countries were just these miserable places where there was nothing nice and the people never had any fun. Even though I came to realize that that was not the case, I never really wanted to visit the area until about 10 years ago. Sadly health reasons prevent me from going now.

    • There is a lot of beauty even in those countries Gary. That is very true and I am sorry you won’t have the chance to take a look but you can feast your eyes with my posts. I am gathering information on the parks in the capital cities of Europe. I am determined to do them all but unfortunately, there are some I cannot find good enough information but I will keep trying.

    • Yes, that surprised me too to read about a memorial to Jackson but then when I was doing my armchair travel blog I discovered a memorial to the Beatles in one place you would have never thought of and it was a small square in a European town. The name I have now forgotten but not the memorial Carol.