Love AAJ KAAL at Country Roads

It was a sunny yet cold day. December 31st it was. I was chilling inside the largest swimming pool in the town.

Country Roads, My favourite!

I had selected this amazing weekend gateway destination to spend my year end.

Of course, I have brains and thus I visited the resort alone to find the new love of my life to begin my new year with.

Actually, I live in a very progressive society which has no societal norms that hold people back from living their lives. When I told my parents, they were also okay with the idea of me visiting the resort alone.

In my dreams!

I was there with my grandpa.

I was happy that he was there with me. At the same time, I won’t lie that I was unhappy too.

There are valid reasons behind that. For example, I was sitting in the pool side café and just beside me was quite an attractive guy too. We were having an intense eye contact and almost there to ask each other out.


‘Puchi! Order a cup of tea for me’, said my grandpa while pulling a chair to sit beside me.

FYI: Puchi is my pet name, don’t judge me. You’ll get to know my real name soon. Pet names are just an addition to the ‘bojha’ or the weight that most Indians are born with along with the ‘samaj’ or society. Both are as unnecessary as the ‘Tell Your Chief Minister’ like cheap and worthless political campaigns.

Moving on, the eye contact was ruined. But had a great conversation with dadabhai (my grandpa) about his 1st marriage night with my didun (grandma).

That was sizzling enough to give a nice kick to my promising libido.

While my grandpa was blushing and telling me his stories, I was busy figuring out ways to get the guy’s number.

Suddenly something amazing happened.

Oh Country Roads the most mind-boggling weekend gateway destination near Kolkata.

While I couldn’t take my eye-contact forward, my grandpa was having one. Yes, that’s true.

His not so interesting tone of explaining his romantic life slowly changed to a very enthusiastic and romantic one. He kept staring at an elegant old lady who walked all the way through the lush green lawn and joined the guy I was staring at.

It didn’t take much time for me to realize that’s she was his grandma.

Wow! That’s amazing! That’s my life. What I should be doing is being done by my grandpa. Just like our ministers. Not letting the youth take over.

That’s the problem you know!

It was dusk and was time to get dressed for the most glamorous party ever.

Foreign liquor, mughlai food, live band performances, DJ and the ambience boosted everyone’s party mood. People from all ages came together, to bid the last goodbye to the year.

My grandpa is cool and so is the guy’s grandma. We all were drinking.

Amidst all these, I tried asking that guy out.  However, Couldn’t… Until…

It was 11.59 PM. Party poppers and fire crackers lit the resort and the souls.

We hugged each other. Cheered in glee! We were all happy. Couldn’t see my grandpa around and saw the guy walking towards me. I stood still with all the confidence I had. Stood in an appealing posture, boldly looking directly at his eyes.

He came and stood just an inch away from me. Whispered into my Years; Happy New Year and said:

There is good news… Turn around and look at that.

Guess what I saw: My grandpa and his grandpa were inside my room standing in the balcony and looking at the stars.

I was like what?

Without wasting any time he asked me for a cup of coffee. I agreed and we both started for his room.

What is your name by the way’, he asked

Premika,Your Premika, I said.

FYI: My real name is Srabani. I lied. ‘Happy New Year, Srabani’, I wished myself. In silence!


What do you think?


Written by Della Moris

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