Living on the Holodeck – 5 (end

The Caribbean is not the only place where ‘nothing matters’ and people can ‘get away from it all’.   It is just the best known.

People arrive in ‘Paradise’ and do what pleases them.

The sense of unreality matcheso that on a Holodeck.  Visitors believe that nothing matters.  They one can do or say or be what they want, and then, ‘Computer, End Program”.

It might surprise visitors to the Caribbean that their feelings and actions are common.

Sure there are families which come to enjoy the sun and sea and don’t get lost in the holodeck.  There  are those who come for a business purpose so don’t  notice much else.

But  many foreigners arrive on the ‘Holodeck’  and live three weeks in fantasy.


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Written by jaylar

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      • They’re probably arrogant Americans. They go all over the world treating people like that. I heard a comedian say that one time in his comedy routine. I laughed at first. But then I thought … Hey! If that’s true, that’s not funny. I can’t speak for people of other countries, but Americans need to realize when they visit a different country that they are the “foreigners” and they need to courteous to the citizens.

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