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Lions' Bridge, Sofia

Lions’ Bridge, Sofia. 

And so… 

Walking along one of the main boulevards of Sofia – Maria Louise Boulevard, from the center to the north I came to another emblematic place – Lions’ Bridge. 

The project is by Vaclav Proshek. Its implementation was carried out in 1889 – 1890 by the company “Brothers Proshek” and cost the huge at that time 260 000 gold levs. 

It is decorated with four bronze figures of lions, which is where its name comes from. They were made by the Viennese company “Philippe Wagner Biro” and were installed in 1891.


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Written by Georgi Tsachev

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  1. What does the ’emblematic’ Lions symbolize? Aftermaths of rain is an excellent time to take photos. The refections on the ground because of the rain add attrection to the picture The wet ground also refected the afternoon sky, more natural light.

    Fantastic shots of different angles! Thanks!

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