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To become an Australia citizen is considered the last step in an immigration process. This is the process in which one non-Australian citizen will become an Australian citizen voluntarily. Then the Australian citizen took a pledge of loyalty and entitled its protection and should exercise their right and responsibilities as an Australian citizen.


According to Immigration services Melbourne, to become an Australian citizen is like privilege, not your right. You have given entitlement as the citizen of Australia and some responsibilities you have to accept:

Responsibilities and Privileges

As a citizen of Australia, you have the following responsibilities:

Behave according to the democratic beliefs of Australia

You should respect each right and liberties who get as an Australia citizen

Follow and obey every law

You can vote in state or territory and federal elections

You can defend an Australian if necessary

Can serve as a jury if got summoned

Citizenship Entitlement

The following entitlements you are eligible for as the citizen of Australia:

Apply for an Australian passport

Ask help from an Australian consultant if you find any trouble in overseas

Seek election in parliament if are above18 years and not a dual citizen

You can register your children birth in any another near country as the citizen of Australia


In the citizenship ceremony, you have to take an Australian citizenship pledge. Your promise to be loyal to Australia and the people and share and uphold Australia’s:


Democratic beliefs



Australia is a democratic country. There you can elect representatives freely and run the country and on your behalf make any law.

What are the rights, democratic beliefs, and liberties?

Parliamentary Democracy

Those people are elected as a representative should answer the public about their decisions.

Rule of Australian Laws

The law is equal for every single citizen of Australia. No preferential treatment is given to any single person or group.

Respect for every individual

Every individual is treated with almost dignity and respect. It does not matter what their beliefs, background, and tradition they belong to are.

Living peacefully

Preferences are given to discussions, democracy, and peaceful persuasion. No violence is allowed to bring out any change.


Always there will be mateship; people come together for help and support of one another during the time of need.

Freedom of Citizen

There is freedom of speech and expression. Means you can say whatever you want on a subject that will not harm others. Also, you should respect others point of view or let them express.

Freedom to associate

Means you can join any:

Any political party

Religious group

Cultural group

Trade union

Social group

If you do not want to join any group, then you can refuse them. This includes freedom of secular government and religion. You can follow any religion freely without breaking any laws.


The Australian law makes sure that no one is getting treated differently based on race, age, gender or disability. All men and women here are given equal rights. You can take your own choices regarding your matter. Here the law protects both men and women from any violence and intimidation. Both:

Can go to school and work

Can become politician

Are treated equally and fairly in court

Can join police and defenses force

Who can apply?

You should be a permanent Australian resident or eligible for New Zealand citizen while applying or deciding your application

You should be present in Australia while your application of citizen is decided

You should have spent some time in Australia or know about this country

Want to live here or think to maintain a last link with the Australian laws while living in any overseas.


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