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Last letters from Vrnjacka SPA.

Robin Biznis June1.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

Dear friendsWith this text I am finishing the prices of Vrnjacka SPA.

In the title photo you can see that through the park the carriages transport tourists to the SPAI will introduce you to the surroundings of the spa itself, what you can visit and see in its vicinity.Mountain Goc.It is only 13 km away from the SPA and is a tourist destination for both citizens of the spa and for all other tourists.On the mountain there is unspoilt nature, clean air, ideal climate with lush vegetation and abundance of forest fruits and mushrooms.All this has a beneficial effect on the overall recovery of the organism, immunity increases, improves blood counts and reduces nerve tension.Children for years go to the mountain for recovery.Ideal place for hiking, picnic ,.Suitable for winter tourism because it has regular trails and winches.You can enjoy ethnic retro and their specialties of Serbian homemade cuisine.Monasteries nearby.The Zica Monastery is the indebtedness of King Stefan Nemanja.It was built in the 13th century and became the center of the first Serbian archbishopric.Monastery Ljubostinja

                                                                  Monestry Ljubostinja


The name marks the place where love is found, because the legend was first encountered by Emperor  Lazar Hrebeljanovic, who led the Serbian army in Kosovo field  in the battle with the Turks and his later wife, Milica, the descendant of the Nemanjic dynasty.

The monastery also buried the prince Milica and Jelena the husband of Despot Ugljesa, who took the church name Jefimija.She remained known as the first Serbian poet.Jefimija  is in gold, in silk, Jefimija has exported life to cover Emperor Lazar. Today this artwork of priceless value is exhibited at the Museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Belgrade.

                                                                  Monastery Studenica


The Monastery Studenica and the Monastery of Saint Petka are also in relative vicinity and it would be nice and useful when SPA visitors would have time to go around.I had so much to tell you about Vrnjacka SPA.All those who read all these articles had the opportunity to gain some insight into the Sam Spa SPA environment.I hope you are satisfied with my presentation of this wonderful tourist destination for the treatment of various diseases.


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    • It would be nice to visit those monasteries, beautiful aehitekrtura and also cuces the history of the creation of some of the nuns in the monastery. Just take a kercief to cover your head. And without pants.

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