Largest Six Pack Of Beer

Now imagine you’re driving and you’re really thirsty and suddenly there before you, you see six giant beer cans. Sure you might not drink beer but at that moment when you really want something wet and it is really hot would you not think you’re hallucinating?

In La Crosse, Wisconsin, as you drive along you, can see the largest six-pack of beer in the world. The G. Heileman Brewery built six large tanks to store beer at their plant in the 1960s. The tanks were painted to look like their Old Style Lager Beer and claimed to be the largest in the world.

Then 30 years later the brewery closed and the tanks were painted white. When new owners moved into the brewery they decided that it would be great to have a giant six-pack. So it was repainted with La Crosse Lager. What is interesting is that the giant six-pack can fill more than seven million twelve-ounce cans of beer and provide one person a six-pack a day for 3,351 years. Now that is a lot of beer.

Across the street from the brewery, you can find a statue of Gambrinus “King of Beer” standing and holding a goblet of beer with one foot on a keg. An old plaque from days gone by says he is “a valiant soldier of the 15th century”.

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