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Lake Ohrid: the oldest lake in Europe

Lake Ohrid (Macedonia/Albania) is the oldest lake in Europe. A team of international scientist analyzed the sediments that accumulated in the lake during its existence and came with the results that the lake is older than 1 million years. Apart from its great age, the lake is famous for its unique flora and fauna. More than 300 species can be found only in the lake and nowhere else. Lake Ohrid is the most seductive tourist destination in Macedonia. One can grasp its picturesque dark – blue surface and the harmonious ellipsoid shape from different places. The city of Ohrid or the “Balkan Pearl” is one of the oldest human settlements in Europe and a repository of the Macedonian ancient history. It is a destination that has to offer something for everyone, from historical and archaeological sites, cultural manifestations and festivals, many restaurants, cafe’s and bars. Ohrid’s busiest times are in mid-July and August.


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