Lake Ngaroto

We passed by the sign of “Lake Ngaroto” on the road side. So I decided to drive down this road to view a lake we’ve never seen before.

It was a pleasant trip through the countryside. Lake Ngaroto is in the Waikato district.

Here are some photos of the Lake. On the side of the lake there was several vehicles. Some were tourists from overseas and some locals that came to walk their dogs.

#1 Small jetty

There were several of these jetty.

#2 Lake Trees and Shag

Just near the Lake quite a few shags

#3 Rick and a fisherman

There were no fish this day

#4 Lake Ngaroto A walkway and other view of countryside

Quite a good view of it all. 

Lake Ngaroto is a peat Lake, one of many in the Waikato region. However this is the biggest. 

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