Kadriorg Park

About 2km east of the Old Town in Tallin, Estonia you’ll find the lovely Kadriorg Park. At one time, it was commissioned by the Russian Tsar Peter the Great for his wife, Catherine I. The name Kadriorg means Catherine’s Valley.

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It is the most impressive palatial and urban park in Estonia and surrounds the Kadriorg Palace. The palace was built for Catherine I of Russia.

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The most popular places for taking a stroll here are by the Swan Pond that is surrounded by flower beds and along the promenade, leading from the pond to the President’s Palace. At the Swan Pond is a fountain, a gazebo and there are birds.

Within the park you’ll find a number of museums:

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KUMU or The Estonian Art Museum – the permanent exhibition introduces Estonian art from the beginning of the 18th century to 1991. There are temporary exhibits displaying international and modern art.

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Kadriorg Art Museum – is the only museum in Estonia that is devoted to foreign art. I has the country’s largest collection of western European and Russian art from the 16th to the 20th centuries. It is housed in the Kadriorg Palace.

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The Mikkel Museum – it is a branch of the Art Museum of Estonia and displays a collection of Western art and ceramics and Chinese porcelain.

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There are monuments to such cultural figures as sculptor Amandus Adamson,

author F.R. Kreutzwald, and

artist Jaan Koort.

Take a look at the Japanese garden that was designed by Japan’s renowned landscape designer Masao Sone. This natural landscape is in the northeast corner of the park. There are tall trees and heavy rocks. Plants have been selected for the colder climate of Estonia. In spring there are blooming cherry trees and rhododendrons. In the summer the garden is filled with irises and orrises.


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    • Yes, it is an amazing park especially with all the museums it offers. I am writing about European parks in the capital cities so it makes for an interesting journey to gather the information.