Is Cape Town a popular vacation destination in 2019?


Winter is upon us and it doesn’t have much time left. Soon, spring will follow and after that comes summer. You know what that means, right? It’s already time to start planning your next vacation in 2019! Whether you’re going to be traveling during the spring or summer, time is already against you. There are plenty of awesome destinations that you could make on top of your list of places to visit in 2019, but Cape Town deserves to be the number one location on that list. The South African gem is a beauty of a country, and it is becoming quite a popular tourist destination, even more so over the past 10 years or so.

Here’s why Cape Town is an excellent tourist destination.

1. Natural beauty

One of Cape Town’s most relevant points of strength is how much stunning the city is. The city has been blessed with natural beauty that comes in abundance. From high mountains to vast shorelines, in Cape Town, you’re sure to find something that would appeal to your hippie, nature-loving side. You could visit the gorgeous Table Mountain, which overlooks Cape Town. The mountain is an excellent stop for hiking enthusiasts and it gives a view of Cape Town that’ll sure be stuck in your mind for a long time. Cape Town’s beaches are also something to die for. The city is filled with beaches that look like something straight out of a Hollywood film.

Cape Town also has excellent weather all year round, so if you do decide to travel before winter says goodbye, you’re still in for a ride because the weather is sure to be wonderful.

2. A modern gem

As much as Cape Town is blessed with nature’s most stunning offerings, it’s also a modern-day cosmopolitan. The city is quite advanced and there’s much to do there aside from the nature activities. Make sure to take a tour bus inside the city to discover all the nooks and crannies there is to this gem of a city.

3. Safer than you might think

A lot of people already know how much beautiful Cape Town is, but the city does tend to get a bad rap for being not safe. However, that is not entirely true. Like any major city in the world, Cape Town does have its share of crime. Yet, you’re not in danger of being exposed to crime there than you are in say Paris or London, for example. You just need to exercise the same level of caution that you would in these cities, and any major city in the world for that matter. You should follow this safety tips guide for your stay in the city to be as safe as possible. There are, however, some no-brainers. For instance, there are places that would not be considered safe for a tourist to go on their own. But again, such places exist in all cities of the world.

Bottom line, if Cape Town were not a safe city to be around, it wouldn’t have been on top travel destinations in the world on almost every list that comes out. So, ignore those crime stats and go have some fun!

4. Awesome nightlife

If nature isn’t really your thing, then rest assured, Cape Town has much more than that to offer. The city’s nightlife is known to be lively and entertaining. The city center is filled with cafés, bars, nightclubs, and music venues where you could enjoy a cool night with your friends drinking and partying, South Africa style.

5. The people

It’s safe to say that the people of Cape Town are some of the most diversified populations you could ever encounter in your travels. From white, European folk to brown Muslims and African aboriginals, you’re sure to get a mishmash of cultures and civilizations on your trips, the likes of which you haven’t seen before. They’re also all very welcoming and cool people to be around, so you won’t end up feeling, like much of an intruder or an outsider.

6. Arts and culture

Art and history buffs need not worry about missing out in Cape Town. The city is filled with museums, art galleries, and so much more that is sure to appeal to the intellectual in you. You could visit the South African Museum, Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa, Chavonnes Battery Museum, South African National Gallery for the arts, and so many more places that would be definitely worth your time and money.

7. Enjoy the ride

At the end of the day, there’s more to do and enjoy in Cape Town that one article could fit. From wine tours in the country’s wine farms to shopping in the city’s busy streets, your time in Cape Town would not be ill-spent. If you’re considering make the trip down there, don’t dwell much on it.

The natural scenery alone is worth your time and you’ll experience some beauty and authenticity in Cape Town the likes of which have been missing in your life.


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