How to choose a Tour Operator for your next travel

In today’s world of modern technology and everywhere available internet, you are sure to ask yourself why I would need a tour operator.

Classic tour operators are safer and more realistic, unlike Online travel agencies.

If you travel to Tibet for example, you can not travel on your own, or book a trip through OTA. In Tibet, you must be accompanied by a tour guide who will have a license for that job. That’s why you need tour operators.

However, the question arises as to how to choose the right tour operator?

If you have not traveled so far very often or have always chosen the wrong tour operator, now is the time to read how to choose the right tour operator and travel without worries.

Check the tour operator website

Websites are usually the face of the agency. Through the web site, you can find out much more about their work and experience.

It is vital for the website to be easy to use and to have all the necessary information available for the travelers.

If the tour operator team tried to make the site useful and informative, then you can be sure that they will make your trip and make it unforgettable.

Lately, the websites are up to date with modern technology and marketing, to make them more accessible to travelers. The latest updates on the sites are with Live Chat, which allows site visitors to receive all information related to offers and travel.

Also, make sure they have their necessary data, such as an address, email address, phone number, and license.

Legal tour operator

A significant part when choosing the right tour operator, perhaps the most important.

Do not forget to check if the agency has a working license, and is it legal.

However, it’s about your vacation, time, and money. Do not let yourself be fooled.

You can check this information in the “About us” section of the tour operator’s website.

Read the reviews about the tour operator

Always before deciding which tour operator to travel, read their reviews.

Reviews are vital when it comes to the loyalty and safety tour operator.

From reviews, you can find out what previous travelers have the experience, you can find out how the tour operator team is taking care of their customers.

From the reviews, you can find out everything you need for a tour operator. Make sure there are reviews on their website, whether they are positive or not. Tour operators that have positive reviews will not need to hide, right?

However, do not stay on the website reviews only. Keep in mind that Google is on your site. Search for the tour operator reviews written by the travelers on a forum or third party websites.

Also, check the tour operator social media. There you can also find reviews and comments about their work.

Check for the payment method

The payment method tells you a lot about security and safety, but also about how much you can trust in that tour operator.

These tour operators will tell you that payment can be made through a bank account or by payment via a payment card. The tour operator who will ask you to make payments through Western Union, for example, you know that their work is not legal, nor safe.

Be careful with the payment, because it’s about your money. No matter how much you pay, never accept quick and easy money transfer. Reliable is a crucial thing when choosing a tour operator to entrust your money to.

The legal tour operator will have the bank accounts on their website, where you can see them at any time. And also the information about the other payment method.

Friendly, Flexible and Helpful tour operator

When choosing which tour operator to travel, always select a team that is friendly and kind to you while asking thousands of questions. It is better if you use a telephone communication, that way you will have a better idea of whether the tour operator has a friendly and helpful team.

Choose a tour operator that will be available to you at any time. The tour operator team should make sure to give you all the necessary travel information, but also for all the small details you want to know.

A helpful tour operator will make sure you get all the necessary documents and permits you need for the trip.

A great variety of offers

When you first visit a tour operator’s website, the first thing you’ll notice is whether there is an attractive and sufficient number of offers for your travel destination.

Various offers by tour operators show that they have excellent cooperation, experience, and the most important thing – that they care for their customers and their vacation.

In recent years tour operators have been trying to enable them to hire customers and various offers, but also allow them to create their own offer.

Airport transfer

The airport-hotel relation can sometimes be complicated, especially if you go to a country for the first time. A good tour operator will arrange a transfer from the airport to the hotel with their driver or organized transportation.

Do not forget to tour the tour operator if they offer this type of service and whether transportation from the airport to the hotel is included in the trip price.

Examples of quality Tour operators per region:

Here I will give you some examples of legal tour operators that operate per region that i had done some research to. Each of these are carefully vetted by reviews and offers. It is best for you to do additional research.

  1. Tour Operator for China:
  2. Cosmos is one of the larger Tour Operator for Europe:
  3. Tour Operator for New Zealand:
  4. Adventure Tour Operator for Australia, Way Out Back covers tours that other travel agencies don’t have:
  5. Windhorse Tour is a Tour Operator that covers Tibet and China. They have over 250 Tours:
  6. Tour Operator for India:

Final words

Do not rush to make a quick decision. You need to make the tour operator choices carefully because it’s about your money, your vacation, and your time. Consider all the things that I wrote here, I am sure that it will help you to choose wisely.

Once you have selected the right tour operator for you, all you need is to pack your bags and leave for another unforgettable experience.

When your trip is over, please write a review for the tour operator and about your experience with that agency and for the tour guide that was your companion for the whole trip. This will help the other travelers to choose the right tour operator for their journey.


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